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Growing Online Learning Conference

Archive of 2022 Growing Online Conference

From Pivot to Progress: Leveraging Our Momentum of the Pandemic Response

Tina Parscal, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for CCCOnline and Academic Affairs
Colorado Community College System

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a significant increase in online learning and emergency remote instruction for many colleges. Although challenging, this crisis also produced strong innovation, the capacity to extend our services remotely and at a distance, and an opportunity to expand online teaching and learning at our colleges. In this session, we will discuss lessons learned from the transition to online and remote learning, explore ways to leverage the momentum of the pivot to online, and brainstorm where we go can from here in terms of sustainability, accessibility, quality assurance, wraparound services, and program offerings.
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How to Get Students to Watch your Videos

Kona Jones
Director, Teaching & Learning Center
Richland Community Colllege

Curious about what makes students more likely to watch and engage with course videos? Instructor-created videos can be a highly effective way to support learning, improve engagement, promote critical thinking, foster student confidence, and help students feel connected. This session incorporates student feedback to present advice and best practices for making course videos students will seek out and thank you!
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Creating a ‘Common’ Ground for Student and Faculty Support

Morgann Quilty
Associate Dean, Learning Commons
Parkland College

Jane Smith
Instruction Librarian, Learning Commons
Parkland College

Lori Wendt
Instructional Technology Specialist, Learning Commons
Parkland College

Parkland College embarked on an initiative last year to bring academic support for students and faculty into a one-stop center. This culminated into the launching of the Learning Commons this past summer and encompasses the services of the library, tutoring, writing lab, as well as instructional technology and support. Join us to learn about the changes that have already been made as well as the plans for this coming year and the vision for the future.
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Quality Teaching and Learning - Faculty Panel and Showcase

Meri Engel, Ph.D.
Instructor of Digital Media
McHenry County College

Debra Guerrero
Sleep Technology Program Coordinator
Moraine Valley Community College

John Halliwell, Ph.D.
Intensive English Language Program Coordinator
Moraine Valley Community College

During this panel, faculty members from McHenry County College and Moraine Valley Community College will share their experiences teaching online and showcase strategies they used in their online classroom to promote student engagement and interaction.
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Creating a Course Template with Quality in Mind

Heather Moore
Instructional Designer
Rock Valley College

This session will showcase the Canvas course template created at RVC and discuss how we used Quality Matters principles to guide its design. The template gives online courses a consistent look and feel, which facilitates ease of use for the student. Templates also benefit instructors by giving them a well-designed structure for their courses, allowing them to focus on filling in content.
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Developing an In-House Orientation to Online Teaching

Lirim Neziroski
Dean of Humanities
Illinois Valley Community College

The Online Learning department at Prairie State College (PSC) developed a four-week Orientation to Online Teaching. The orientation is taught by the Manager of Online Learning, and it is administered as an online course on D2L. The orientation focuses on best practices for online pedagogy, quality assurance standards for instructional design, and tutorials for the college’s LMS. The course was launched in October 2021 with a cohort of 13 instructors with another cohort of 20 instructors scheduled for November. The course will help PSC instructors become qualified to teach online, and will help PSC expand its online course offerings. The presentation will describe the process of developing the course, the components of the course itself, and will share feedback from participants. This session could help any college develop its own orientation to online teaching.
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